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What is the See Me Cane?

The See Me Cane is a lighted blind cane (traditionally called the white cane).  The See Me Cane provides a new level in safe navigation for the blind.  The bright internal light within the See Me Cane makes the user more visible in low-light conditions. The unique See Me Cane feels like a normal blind cane, but as the user sweeps and taps the lighted See Me Cane, it makes a great light show, drawing people’s attention to the cane and to its visually impaired user.

How Does It Work?

The See Me Cane is a simple but powerful blind cane. It comes in different sizes (from 2 feet to 6 1/2 feet). Running on a rechargeable battery, this LED lighted cane can be seen by nighttime drivers up to 100 yards away. The handle has two buttons: one for the on/off function and another that causes the cane to vibrate letting the user know its on/off status. 

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