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What is the See Me Cane?

The See Me Cane is a lighted blind cane (traditionally called the white cane).  The See Me Cane provides a new level in safe navigation for the blind.  The bright internal light within the See Me Cane makes the user more visible in low-light conditions. The unique See Me Cane feels like a normal blind cane, but as the user sweeps and taps the lighted See Me Cane, it makes a great light show, drawing people’s attention to the cane and to its visually impaired user.

How Does It Work?

The See Me Cane is a simple but powerful blind cane. It comes in different sizes (from 2 feet to 6 1/2 feet). Running on a rechargeable battery, this LED lighted cane can be seen by nighttime drivers up to 100 yards away. The handle has two buttons: one for the on/off function and another that causes the cane to vibrate letting the user know its on/off status. 

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What Does Sponsoring A See Me Cane Look Like?

By sponsoring See Me Cane, you are directly contributing to the production of the first 50 canes, which are currently going through the setup process for manufacturing. They will then be distributed to blind individuals for testing and taking the product to market. 

What comes with Sponsoring a See Me Cane?

- Monthly updates of the progress of the See Me Cane

- A thank you response from the individual your cane is going to

- The gratitude of giving the gift of defensive walking to a individual with visual impairments