Warranty Terms and Conditions



Smart Guider Inc. offers a guarantee against any Manufacturing Defects associated with the See Me Cane.  All items can be returned and/or replaced if the product fails due to a Manufacturer’s Defect at no cost to the customer.


  • PLEASE INSPECT YOUR SEE ME CANE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT. Upon receipt of the See Me Cane and inspection to ensure full functionality, all sales are final, and no returns or refunds will be authorized other than for Manufacturer’s Defects.


  • Electronics - The See Me Cane is a battery powered electronic device and needs to be treated with the same care as you treat your laptop computer or your cellular phone. Our expectation is upon receipt of your See Me Cane, all electronic components (the rechargeable battery, the vibration button, the on/off switch, and the LED lights) function properly.  If they don’t, Smart Guider would consider this as a Manufacturing Defect.


  • The Cane – The See Me Cane is a navigation device. Our expectation is upon receipt of the See Me Cane, all non-electronic components (the handle, the tube, and the tip) function properly as a navigation device.  If they don’t, Smart Guider would consider this a Manufacturing Defect.


  • Wear & Tear - Wear and tear and/or mistreatment of the See Me Cane is not a Manufacturing Defect. Wear and tear and mistreatment include but is not limited to leaning on the cane for support, sitting on the cane, dropping the cane onto a hard surface, using the cane as a toy or weapon, throwing the cane, jamming the cane under a parked car, having the cane stepped on or run over by a car, leaving the cane in a hot car.


  • Water Damage – The See Me Cane is designed to be water resistant, however dropping the cane into water or exposing the See Me Cane to moisture (rain or snow), etc. is not a Manufacturing Defect.


  • If a person simply does not like their See Me Cane, this is not a Manufacture’s Defect.


  • It is advised that the customer contact Smart Guider as soon as a problem arises to help us determine the nature of the failure and whether it qualifies as a Manufacturer’s Defect.


  • Do not send the See Me Cane for repair or replacement without Smart Guider Inc. prior approval.  If you want to file a claim, please send us an email at SALE@SEEMECANE.COM and we will send you a warranty claim form.

  • Smart Guider Inc. reserves the right to inspect, accept or reject any warranty claim for Manufacturer’s Defect.  Upon inspection of the warranty claim, any claims determined to have not occurred due to a Manufacture’s Defect will be denied.  Upon receipt of your warranty claim and our approval, we will provide you with a shipping label to return the cane to our manufacturer.

  • Please note, our manufacturer will inspect your See Me Cane to ensure the cause of the malfunction is a Manufacturer’s Defect.

  • If determined TO BE a Manufacturer’s Defect, we will send you a replacement. Please note, replacing your See Me Cane may take some time and you need to be patient while we manufacture a replacement to your specifications.

  • If determined NOT TO BE a Manufacturer’s Defect, Smart Guider Inc. will only return your See Me Cane after you have paid for all cost associated with shipping and handling.


Returns – Smart Guider does not accept returns other than pre-approved returns due to a Manufacturer’s Defect.

Exchanges - Because all our See Me Canes are custom made, we do not carry stock and we are not able to do exchanges.