Pre-order the revolutionary See Me Cane and enhance your mobility and independence. Designed specifically for individuals with visual impairments, this fully lighted cane can be seen from 100 yards away, providing a powerful and impactful tool for navigating your surroundings with confidence that you can be seen. Our rigid, lighted blind canes are in the final stages of production and are perfect for any adventure.

Choose from a red-tipped or all-white cane in your preferred size and pre-order now to receive a discounted rate. Use promo code 2023 to get $20 off at checkout until April 30, 2023. Each cane comes with a 8mm roller marshmallow tip that can be changed by clicking here to order other options.  

Please note that the canes will be shipped between 3-5 months from the pre-order date and are custom-made to meet your size requirements.

The See Me Cane features an on and off switch for the light, a second button that vibrates when the light is on for those who are blind and cannot see the light, and a removable tip using threaded tips made by Ambutech. It is also customized to your specific size, ensuring that it meets all of your mobility needs.

The cane lasts for a full 2 hours on a single battery charge. Because it comes with a magnetic charger, the cane is water-resistant. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your mobility and independence. Please select the cane size that best meets your needs. Note that we currently only offering cane sizes up to 56 inches long. We are hoping to make longer canes soon.

Empower yourself and others with the See Me Cane, a powerful and impactful blind cane that will change the way you navigate your world. Order now and start enjoying the benefits today!